Our Package Includes:

  • Content Management System : allows users to upload and organize content
  • Cloud  : Personal Account on cloud for safe and secure content storage
  • Dashboard  : Real time Access to report of User in your stores and User preferences
  • Hardware : Display screen suitable to  your needs
  • Installation : Wall mounting  or Kiosk – floor standing




New-Gen Digital Signage Solution

  • Remote Managed Device
  • Fast paced Content Display
  • Personalized

AI powered and Cloud based Smart Digital Signage solution that brings more interactive and meaningful customer experience to physical stores, across hospitals, airports, offices, stadiums, malls, plants

Digital Signage Features:

  • Quick – Real Time Content Management
  • Ease of use – Plug n play device
  • All media formats and real time social media feeds
  • Safe and Secure content management

AI based Personalization:

  • Foot-fall analytics
  • Identify customer gender, age, facial expressions and more
  • More relevant content to create an engaging experience
  • Context aware to show content relevant to changing environment